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Inside Bar Alerts for NinjaTrader

When the current bar’s high is lower than the previous bar’s high and the current bar’s low is higher than the previous bar’s low, this it called an “inside bar.” The Inside Bar Alerts Indicator will alert you when an inside bar has printed, and will also give you a visual and audible alert so you can trade this price action.


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Click the link below to download our Free Inside Bar Alerts indicator for NinjaTrader:

Inside Bar Alerts Indicator for NinjaTrader 7 (3703 downloads)




    • Geo on October 10, 2020 at 8:31 pm
    • Reply

    Can this be recoded to highlight Doji bars? What I’m looking for is for the doji to have the body and wick changed to black and width to 2 instead of 1.


    1. Yes, it is possible to create an indicator to highlight doji bars.

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