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Importing NinjaScript Files

Importing NinjaScript Files – Indicators and Strategies Import Instructions: 1. Save the .zip file you downloaded to your computer (do not unzip the file) 2. Open NinjaTrader 3. Select ‘File > Utilities > Import NinjaScript’ 4. Browse to the .zip file saved in step 1 and select Open

NinjaTrader Rejecting Stop Orders

NinjaTrader Rejecting Stop Orders   This is a common occurrence when using stop orders. A Sell Stop order must be placed at a price below the current bid. Similarly, a Buy Stop order must be placed at a price above the current ask. What is happening is when all of the conditions are met for …

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Before You Start Live Trading Strategies

NinjaTrader Trading Strategies

Understanding NinjaTrader’s Options for Trading Strategies   There is an excellent description of NinjaTrader’s Strategy Position vs. Account Position in the NinjaTrader Support Guide. You should definitely understand this before you start your trading strategies live. Positions for Trading Strategies     Once you understand this difference, you should also familiarize yourself with the properties …

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