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Exponential VWAP Indicator

Exponential VWAP Indicator
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Exponential VWAP Indicator for NinjaTrader

Two of the most common indicators I see used by traders are the EMA (Exponential Moving Average) and VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price). Typically, traders prefer the EMA to a standard moving average because it will react faster to price movements, causing less lag than a standard moving average. Because the VWAP indicator uses a standard average calculation, we can remove some of the lag in this indicator by simply making it use an exponential formula. Our new Exponential VWAP indicator does just that!

Exponential VWAPThe chart above shows three moving averages, all of which are set to use a period of 30 bars for their calculations. The EMA appears to have the most lag, and is the only indicator that does not take volume in to account. The VWAP (or VWMA) looks to have less lag than the EMA, and the Exp. VWAP indicator has the least lag of all three indicators.

Download Now:

Click the link below to download our Free Exponential VWAP indicator for NinjaTrader:

NinjaTrader 7:
Exponential VWAP Indicator for NinjaTrader 7 (1396 downloads)

NinjaTrader 8:
Exponential VWAP Indicator for NinjaTrader 8 (1401 downloads)




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  1. denis poirier


  2. Frank van de Zanden


  3. jamie

    will this work in ninjatrader 8?

    1. Free Indicators

      The indicator is not yet available for NinjaTrader 8. If you join our mailing list, you will receive notification as soon as it is available.

  4. Parag

    Perfect, Thanks a lot for sharing this indicator.

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