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The Popular MACD BB Indicator – Is It Accurate?

MACD_BB_Indicator for NinjaTrader

4.0 14 MACD BB Indicator What makes our modified MACD BB indicator for NinjaTrader better than the original version? Both the MACD and Bollinger Band indicators are simple yet effective tool for measuring overbought and oversold conditions in the markets. Bollinger Bands will plot a channel based on historical market prices and volatility. The center …

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Divergence Indicator For NinjaTrader

Divergence Indicator

3.4 52 A very common request I receive for custom indicators and strategies is to include divergence. While divergence is easy for the eyes to see, it can be quite difficult to define in terms that are programmable. The Divergence Indicator for NinjaTrader utilizes a sophisticated algorithm to detect divergence, and eliminates some shortcomings of …

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